Our History

MAGIC began in 2018. Spurred by the words of Betty Taylor, CEO of the Red Rose Foundation, a small group of men and women came together to organise the “Men’s Rally for Women’s Safety”, held on 22 July 2018 to speak out against violence against women. It was supported by major anti-violence groups such as White Ribbon, YFS, Safe Haven, and Red Rose. Over one hundred people attended.

This event was the basis for the formation of the Men Against Gender Injustice Collective. The organisers of the event, plus others, formed MAGIC, and this organising committee of six or so people met regularly since August 2018. A wider pool of people are members of MAGIC and on its mailing list, with many first signing up at the July 2018 event.

MAGIC held seven public events over 2018-2021. These include gigs and panel events, workshops, and a film screening. Some of these events have raised funds for local domestic violence services. MAGIC’s events thus far include:

  • Rally, Men’s March for Women’s Safety

  • Band Together 2018: Panel and Gig on sexism in the music industry

  • Screening of documentary “The Bystander Moment” and facilitated discussion

  • Workshop: Challenging Everyday Sexism (2019)

  • Workshop: Sex, Dating, and Relationships after #MeToo (2019)

  • Band Together 2019: Panel and Gig on sexism in the music industry

  • Starting the Conversation About Pornography: A skill-building workshop for community workers (2021)

However, MAGIC currently is inactive. Over the past year or so we have lost about six core members, because of relationship breakups, changes in circumstances, and other factors, and MAGIC has had to wind back its activities.

Individuals associated with MAGIC continue to be involved in anti-violence and anti-sexist advocacy. Please use the Contact form if you wish to make contact.

The Organisers


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Holly Pearson comes from a background of working in a variety of NGO’s whose primary focus is ‘Closing the Gap’ in Indigenous inequity. She currently studies Social Justice at Macquarie University and is a passionate intersectional feminist.


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Michael G. Flood is an Australian sociologist and an Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology School of Justice. Flood gained his doctorate in gender and sexuality studies from the Australian National University.



Rebecca Congram is a public servant with experience in project & change management, marketing and community organising. Drawing on a Bachelor of Social Work, Beccy is passionate about gender equality and creating a safe society.



James Gartry is a Union organiser who has been an ally to some of Queensland’s most vulnerable people. His organising experience combined with his involvement in the Brisbane music and arts scene has united communities and provided a solid platform to enact change.


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Pauline has been working as a counsellor in NGOs for more than 8 years. In her current position, the nature of her role is predominantly supporting clients who have been impacted by DFV.


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Kathryn Wenham is a lecturer in public health. She has a passion for human rights and social justice, which has led her to work with immigrant communities in relation to gender and public health.