"Striving to end gendered violence by encouraging healthy masculinity and challenging our sexist culture."

To achieve our goal, we have broken down how we aim to function into a few categories:


By holding rallies, protest and marches, we will draw political attention to the issues of gendered violence and inequality.


Through a combination of events such as gigs, lectures, and other forums, we will educate men on sexism, feminism, and gender inequality. We have already hosted events raising awareness about domestic violence, and sexism in the music industry, check them out here.


We will create a network that allows for the exchange of information relative to activism and gender inequality; which organisations to get behind your next event, what permits are necessary for your next march or protest, how to get them etc.

By connecting people with information and organisations, we will streamline activism and encourage collaboration.


MAGIC currently has 100+ members so far. If you need volunteers for your next event, we can put a shout-out to the network to see who can help. We may also be able to help organise if it's needed.